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Mat Recycling Program

Since 2014, we have recycled & re-distributed over 1000 yoga mats!

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Attached to nothing,

Connected to everything.

How It Works

1. BEAM collects new, old, and/or unwanted yoga mats from yoga studios, organizations, stores, or individuals. 

You can also drop off your yoga mat donation at Wymbin Yoga studio anytime!

2. Our helpful volunteers sort + clean the yoga mats with all natural disinfectants and wrap the mats up, ready to be re-distributed. 

3. The yoga mats are then donated to schools, organizations, and students to encourage the continuation of the practice! 

Good for the environment, and even better to ensure everyone has what they need to practice!

If you are a yoga studio or organization located within Calgary, we are able to send someone out to pick up your yoga mat donations!


If you are an individual within Calgary, please drop all donations off at Wymbin Yoga in Inglewood.

Please note that at this time we are not able to accept yoga mat donations from outside of Calgary. 

Please contact for more information.

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